Mamo NYC is one of my favorite places I’ve tried in the city. This Italian restaurant originates in Cannes particularly in the beautiful coast of Antibes. Mamo specializes in truffles with their most popular and sought out item in their menu being their truffle pizza. Mamo is also meant to be a family style type of restaurant. This means that the way the portions of the food are as well as their price is meant to be shared. Mamo is not cheap Italian restaurant, its almo

st considered as fine dining but when you are part of a large group, the bill isn’t so bad. Frankly speaking, Mamo in my opinion has the best Eggplant Parm also known as melanzane all parmagiano. My order when going to Mamo usually consists of starters of melanzane all parmagiana: a more traditional eggplant parmesan that looks like it came straight out of the oven; also for starters, we usually take the come a Capri, which is a burrata salad with tomatoes (personally find it really good). The last starter we usually have is the Julius Salad which is just an arugula salad with shaved parmesan (very mediocre) and also good for a price of $13. For the main dishes, my friends usually gravitate towards their truffle pizza and pizza margarita. This is hands down the best pizza margarita I have ever had. You can taste the saltiness of the cheeses as well as the oils that drip down from the pizza. The truffle pizza is also really good but if I had the choice between both I would definitely choose the margarita. We also take their truffle raviolis which are also really good too and you can taste the quality them. Also, I forgot to add that under normal circumstances, I am not a fan of truffles but something about MAMO makes me just eat because its that good. Finally, we also indulge in their steak which is also delicious and juicy and comes with potatoes on the side. For the dessert, My son’s sundae is one of the best ice cream sundae’s I have ever had. This restaurant is one of my favorite and probably the best in regards to price wise and quality. I now understand why people love this restaurant and would travel just for it.

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