SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa

from left to right: yellow tail, white fish, sweet shrimp

Sugarfish by Chef Nozawa is the only sushi restaurant that genuinely loves and craves New York. Every other place in New York is not at up to my standards when it comes to sushi. In sushi my favorite part of the experience is the vinegared rice. I judge a sushi restaurant based on the taste of their rice and not based on the freshness of their fish; I could honestly care less about the fish. Sugarfish just happens to have the best rice and the best fish and in my opinion also good with the way they also try to make it affordable. The way it works is you have two choices to either choose from four different prix fixe options from the basic being at $28 to the most expensive being $63 or from the a la carte menu. It is recommended by the restaurant to eat their prix fixe menu because it gives a taste of the best things they have on their menu. On my latest venture to Sugarfish, I was able to have their $63 prix fixe menu called “Don’t think just eat” and to be honest it was genuinely the best thing I have ever had. The first thing that comes is salted edamame, which is a good starter for what it really is. They provide a plate full of edamame. Immediately after comes toro sashimi with scallions and ponzu. This is one of my favorite dishes in their menu because toro is the fattest part of the tuna fish. Toro is very soft and melts easily in your mouth. Then comes two pieces of salmon, albacore, and yellowtail fish. Out of the three, albacore is just heavenly and delicious! They recommend not to dip albacore in soy because it already has a drop of ponzu on it. Ponzu is a soy sauce with citrus which makes the taste sour and salty; two of my favorite flavors. Then comes a toro hand roll, after that two other more sets of sushi and a crab hand roll. The final round is two pieces of unagi which are eel in a Japanese way. I would rate this meal a 9.45/10. For a total of almost 16 pieces and two handrolls the meal satisfies but does not make you full. Also, Sugarfish is no tipping restaurant so gratuity is included in the prices. All in all, it is my favorite sushi restaurant and I have yet to try other sushi restaurants that can beat it.

toro sushi
blue crab handroll

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