Bar Pitti

Do not be confused by the name; this is actually not a bar. It’s a very modest and humble looking restaurant in the West Village that is loved by everyone in the city. It looks like a modest Italian restaurant you would find in Italy and does not have any absurd decorations but looks very homey and cozy. All the staff and waiters in the restaurant are all Italian born and raised in Italy and these waiters do have an Italian attitude (they might be rude at times but they’re just very direct with people). The restaurant is also a cash only business and they do not accept any type of card; being a person that only carries their card, this is one of the main reasons I dislike this place. The way they make up for this form of payment is with their food; I personally think their food is absolutely delicious and tastes authentic to the Italian cuisine. Their price point is affordable making the average price between $15 to $20 per plate. My order usually is always consistent and I never change or break from it. I usually split with whoever is with me eggplant parmigiana, which is delicious and one of my favorite dishes. The waiters usually bring chalk boards with a list of the daily specials and the eggplant parm always seems to be on there. For my mains I always and I mean always take their Penner alla Arrabiata, which is spicy tomato sauce. This is hands down one of my favorite dishes ever. The way they make it is so divine that I always crave it when I am back at home in Morocco. Their sauces usually lack salt so what I do is usually add salt to the sauce and it makes it just perfect. The level of spice is completely bearable but then again, I can actually handle spice. Another popular item in their menu is the pappardelle with cream tomato sauce topped with bacon (I don’t eat bacon so I usually don’t get it with bacon). This dish is their most popular and what all my friends gravitate towards; I’ve actually tried the dish but I think I do not top my penne alla arrabiata. I usually never order dessert but I did try their Panna Cotta with melted chocolate, which was mediocre and not something I would take again. Overall this is one of my favorite places in the city for something affordable and I would highly recommend. I give this place a 8.55/10.
left to right: Pappardelle Tomato Cream Sauce, Steak, Penne alla Arrabiata

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