Lola Taverna

the mezzo platter: hummus, baba ghanoush, and whipped feta fried feta and spinach spring rolls

Lola Taverna is a mix of Medditernanen Middle Eastern with somewhat of an Asian twist to it. I recently tried it for the first time with two friends of mine and we had mixed emotions about it. Located between the village and the beginning of Soho, Lola Taverna has aesthetically pleasing elements to it that makes it very Instagram worthy. The outside of the restaurant is covered in a wall of beautiful flowers that marks the place and makes it outstanding. I have heard lots of things about Lola and was always curious to try it out. Lola Taverna is the best bargain in the city and I fully stand by this statement. The food there has some things that are really good and some things that do not work at all and are not as tasty. For appetizers, we had spank abita spring rolls; they are fried spring rolls filled with spinach, feta, and many other Greek herbs. We had the chicken gyro bao buns; they were very good although I’m not a big fan of tzatziki sauce. We had the choice of three mezze plates and we chose hummus, spicy whipped feta, and baba ghanoush. It was my first time trying whipped feta and this was the best thing I tried at the restaurant. It was so delicious and creamy and it is topped with thai sweet chili sauce; they also bring pita bread covered in zaatar and sea salt flakes, which were phenomenal. We also had the duck tagliatelle, which was not the best. It had an oily taste and really did not taste good. For mains we had shrimp orzo aka shrimp over some type of rice, which was good too but a little sour for other people‚Äôs tasting but I do not mind the sour taste in the rice. We were so full towards the end and we were not able to have dessert. All of this cost us $45 each and we were three! For the city, not only is this a bargain but you cannot find this price range anywhere! I give the establishment a 7.86/10 with the price range playing a significant role at the rating. I would definitely come back to Lola for the whipped feta!

chicken gyro bao buns and duck tagliatelle

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