Tao Downtown

Tao Downtown remains a classic and go-to to many tourists and residents of New York. This upscale chain restaurant has many restaurants all across the nation. Tao has two locations here in New York one the uptown side of New York and the downtown location is located in the meatpacking district. Tao is famous for hosting many celebrities to come and dine at the location, which gained massive headlines and popularity. Another reason why Tao is popular is because the restaurant also is a popular nightclub and provides a nightclub vibe to all that are interested.

Most important, Tao is an Asian restaurant that actually does provide good Asian food and is meant to be gone in a group setting. The food is actually pretty good but some days when it’s a full house, somethings can get a little messy and the service becomes slow. They have a really long menu so I will provide the best things on the menu that they have and which I have liked when tasting. Tao provides a good and generous selection of sushi and California rolls with their own twist to it.

They have this roll cucumber and shrimp tempura over a wasabi sauce that is quite good despite it being made from wasabi. The spicy tuna crispy rice is a classic no can miss and that everybody loves. For mains, the best thing they offer is their version of orange chicken, which is phenomenal and does not taste like that from Panda Express. This one you can taste the actual chicken and can taste the orange in the sauce. Another favorite of mine is their shrimp with thai sweet chilli sauce. What I like to do is order a side of jasmine rice and a bowl of their sweet chili sauce and that makes one of my favorite combos ever. For dessert they have a huge fortune cookie filled with cream and exotic fruits which in my opinion is not the best dessert. Overall, Tao is meant for big groups and or celebrations and the food is pretty good.

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