Catch NYC/LA

Catch NYC is also known as being one of people’s favorite restaurants in the city especially because it is a celebrity hotspot. Located in the Meatpacking District, Catch NYC offers their guests with tastes of fusions from Peruvian, Asian, and also American. Personally, I think Catch has phenomenal food when it comes to the quality of the food. This restaurant has a couple of locations around the United States; places such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The menu at Catch is pretty small and easy to go over; it does not confuse you with many items on the menu but instead provides a small menu.

The restaurant is most definitely made for groups and for the food to be shared because the types of food that Catch offers are not considered to be mains but appetizers that somewhat fill you up. My order usually consists of the starters which I usually take are part sushi. The Catch Roll and Hellfire Roll are their most popular rolls in the restaurant and are unapologetically really good.

When the Catch Roll arrives at your table, they blow torch the salmon to give it somewhat of a medium rare cook. I also have the truffle sashimi which comes with tuna, abacore, and salmon with a truffle sauce; being a truffle hater, I wouldn’t say this dish would be favorite. My favorite dish in the restaurant has to be the crispy shrimp. The crispy shrimp has a spicy mayo sauce and the shrimp is enriched in a spicy batter. I also get the lobster mac and cheese, which is mediocre in my opinion.

Finally for dessert, I usually get the donut ferris wheel which comes with a raspberry sauce, caramel, sauce, chocolate sauce, a vanilla frosting sauce; this can honestly make someone feel full. Another popular dessert item is the hit me cake; the hit me cake is a multi layered cake with ice cream and chocolate filled with some kind of white substance. The idea of the desert is to use your spoon to hit the chocolate in order to break the chocolate and release the white cream. All in all, I like the Catch restaurants but I prefer the location in LA. I would rate this restaurant a solid 8/10.

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