Top Ten NYC Food Blogs to Follow

New York is accustomed to have competition when it comes to different restaurants but this competition also exists in the food blog world. In order to stand out from other food blogs, one must do something different about them that other food bloggers lack. This is how one can stand out from others, by being different and by not conforming to a social construct. I mostly find food bloggers through instagram and not through their website blogs. I personally think that wordpress blogs are very much outdated and the new way to blog is using different social media platforms. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have increased people’s following based on their algorithms that work for content creators. My all time favorite New York food blogger has to be
@noleftovers; they provide very affordable places for tourists to go to in New York for a good bite and also for a nice meal that would fill you up.

Another food blogger that’s actually a chef in real life and also promotes his recipes on Instagram is @isaaccrew. Issac Crew provides recipes and also nice food restaurants wherever he travels to. He was also notoriously known for dating the famous popstar Dua Lipa, which further increased his following even more.

@foodandcity is a blog between New York and Austin, Texas and features mostly American places rather than international cuisines. They feature places that have cheeseburgers and chicken waffle based food. I would not say that this is my favorite blog because it lacks diversity.

As for the app Tiktok, the app has an algorithm that can make a person viral just overnight. My favorite food influence on Tik Tok is @ricklox, he provides video content of his outings of restaurants in Los Angeles. His restaurant selection is usually a restaurant I would usually go to and would love to eat their food there. He also provides an honest review of all the places he goes to famous or not.

Another tiktoker that I follow for their recipes is @spicednice, a normal girl who has a love for food and cooking. This love made her create a tiktok account where she teaches people how to cook their favorite recipes in less than 60 seconds. The other account that I genuinely like is @cedriklorenzen who seems to be a professional chef and seems to be comfortable around the kitchen and creates beautiful desserts and meals. So far his work seems very much professional and he also uses high quality ingredients.

For Moroccan restaurants a really good account that I genuinely find very authentic is @definitetlyatethat. The person behind the Instagram page provides an elaborate review of his travels around the world as well as restaurants in his home city of Casablanca. I have gone to places based on his review of the location.

Instagram accounts like @eatingnyc and have gained a huge following due to the popularity of their account. The huge following has become somewhat of a credibility checker and makes people follow them without second guessing. A very underrated food influencer is @tinaeats_
Her page is very aesthetically pleasing and she provides recipes for her favorite foods that she likes to make. All in all, I believe that influencers play a huge role in the restaurant business and that they can make or break a restaurant’s image and reputation.

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