Cipriani Downtown

Cipriani Downtown is located at the heart of SoHo, my favorite area in New York. The atmosphere and environment in SoHo is so amazing that having a restaurant such as Cirpaini in the middle of it just perfects the area even more. Cipriani is a world renowned Italian restaurant that has restaurants and residences all around the world. The restaurant offers an ambiance that keeps people come all the time. This restaurant not only makes people come back all the time but the food is always worth it. During the weekend, you would need to reserve in advance because it is always full and if you are lucky, you might be able to find a seat at the bar. In my opinion, Cipriani Downtown is the best location they offer here in New York. They have at least five locations in Manhattan only and the one that offers the best ambiance for a much younger generation is the one located in Soho. Their food in Cipriani is also top notch. I am fortunate enough to have had a test of all the food items they have on the menu and I can tell you that this restaurant is beyond delicious.

For starters, the best things to get are their fried calamari, their beef carpaccio is mediocre and not the best, their burrata is really good. For mains, I usually just go for their pasta. My favorite pasta they have is the spaghetti with Chilean sea bass, baked tagliolini (no ham), and their mozzarella and tomato sauce rigatoni. Those are all my favorite pasta dishes they have. My least favorite is their spaghetti pomodoro (tomato sauce), which in my opinion tastes like a Moroccan soup called harira. Finally for dessert the best thing to get is their vanilla meringue cake, which everyone in this world knows about and always instagrams about it. They also have a homemade vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle on top, which is so good and probably the best thing they have on the menu.

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