Nobu Downtown

If you haven’t heard of Nobu I’m pretty sure you live under a rock. Nobu has two locations in the city, one on 57th street and one located on Broadway in the Fidi area. The Japanese Peruvian fusion restaurant grew so much for its celebrity appearances and for its really good food and ambiance. I have always wanted to try Nobu when I was back in Morocco and always thought that it would be the best food I would ever have but I was wrong. While Nobu has some food items that are good, most of their food is simply just mediocre. Nobu specializes mainly in one thing and one thing only and that is their miso black cod. I have to be honest here, this cod dish is absolutely delicious and literally melts in your mouth.

Last time I went with my friends, I was honestly not wowed by the food. We had the spicy mayo shrimp which is not hard to make and usually tastes good but the Nobu was tasteless and bland. I did not like the spicy mayo it was as though something was missing. Next we had the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and ponzu sauce;again, this is not a hard dish to make but overall tasted good and fresh. We had also had a few rolls from their sushi menu; the sushi was okay and I usually like my rice to have a nice vinegared taste to it but there isn’t. We also ordered the spicy tuna rice cakes on a stick; they were honestly really good and I enjoyed it very much.

For mains we took the wagyu dumplings which I was recommended to try by many people and they were the worst thing I ever paid for in my life. The wagyu dumplings had this soggy greasy interior and it just was not good at all. I would definitely not recommend the dumplings to anyone. We obviously had the balck cod which was an 11/10. For dessert we had ice cream mochi and my favorite flavor was salted caramel. All in all, I say that Nobu is all just hype and the ambiance and the food is honestly overrated. I would give this restaurant a 5/10.


  1. I always thought it was good. I never tried it before but with your review it does not make me want to try it. I am going to Los Angeles very soon and I know they have a Nobu restaurant over there; I think I will follow the hype and try it. Thank you so much for the review

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