Le Relais de Venise

Le Relais de Venise located in Lexington Avenue is a French steak and frites restaurant that specializes in only one menu. The restaurant features only one menu; a walnut salad with dijon vinaigrette, steak and frites with their world famous special sauce, and a plethora of dessert options. Le Relais de Venise has locations all around the world from Paris, Bordeaux, London, and finally in New York. The thing that makes this restaurant very special is their secret sauce that comes with the steak. The sauce itself has over 40 ingredients from anchovies to sage; this sauce is truly one of a kind.

The restaurant waiters are strictly only female and have a French maid balck and white uniform. As you sit down, they come to ask you how you like your meat; the choices are rare, medium, or welldone. I usually go for rare because I think that that’s the best way to have steak. Five minutes later, they come with the walnut and lettuce salad; this is my favorite salad in the world. The dressing that comes with it is dijon based and is salty and delicious; I always finish this plate. The next item on the plate is the steak and frites; it comes in two rounds with the special sauce. In my opinion, the entrecote restaurant in Casablanca has the best sauce but the one in New York is pretty solid; the only thing it lacks is its saltiness. Finally, they come with the dessert menu and I always pick the Profiteroles au chocolat. They are choux puffs filled with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with freshly molten chocolate. This is my favorite dessert ever.

All in all, the restaurant here in New York is good but I would pick the one in Casablanca over this one any day, I would rate this restaurant a 8.5/10.

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